5 Home Remedies For Lost Voice Singers Can Use Today

Lost Your Voice? Here Are Some Home Remedies To Cure That..

home remedies for lost voiceAs an experienced singer and vocalist, I’ve discovered and tried almost all the known home remedies to treat a strained, lost or sore voice from singing or talking.

Whilst I still believe strongly in using a professional vocal spray is the best remedy for a lost voice, There are still many home remedies for no voice, that you can use today. Most of these remedies can be found in your house or at the local supermarket.

These remedies are both effective and easy on the wallet.

Here are some tips as well as some lost voice home remedies to treat your voice as a singer:

1) Rest Your Voice – Don’t Talk!

home remedies for no voiceThis “vocal remedy” costs absolutely nothing and requires no ingredients yet it is one of the hardest steps to stick to when treating sore or strained vocal chords.

By simply not talking, you allow your vocal chords to get much needed rest so that they can begin to recover. Even the slightest bit of whispering can cause further damage and pain.

It sounds like a silly solution but it is honestly the best thing. Carry a pen and paper with you so that you can write down and explain to people that you can’t talk as you are resting your voice.

2) Eat and Drink Honey, Lot’s of Honey

Honey is a singer’s best friend and is one of the most well known and commonly used home remedies to not only treat the voice but to also treat the throat.

lost voice home remedies

The great thing about honey is that it can also be used as a means to protect your voice so that you can prevent strain on your vocal chords in the future.

Honey has the incredible ability to soothe and it also an anti-bacterial and is very healthy for you and your body in general.

3) Drink The Right Tea (s) To Soothe

One thing about Tea is that there are a fortune of different kinds and flavors. When it comes to treating the voice, there are a select few teas that have been known to work for singers.

lost voice treatment

The tea’s that I recommend for a strained voice are the following:

  • Honeybush tea
  • Ginger tea
  • Echinacea root tea
  • Peppermint tea

Something that I’ve done before is make one big pot of tea with a mixture of all the above that I have mentioned.

However, a very popular way of drinking tea for a sore voice is to take some ginger, put it in hot water and squeeze some lemon into the tea.

4) Drink Lots and Lots of Water

Drinking a lot of water is yet another cheap yet effective home vocal remedy. You have to be diligent about drinking as much water as possible. Not only will the water keep you hydrated which is great for your body. But, the water will also provide constant lubrication for the throat and vocal cords.

lost voice remedies

I also recommend drinking mineral water or distilled water as opposed to water from the tap. This is not a must however it is just my recommendation.

5) The Old Steam Trick

One of the best home vocal remedies is a trick that I wish I had learned earlier in my singing career. It is that of the old steam trick.

The way in which the steam trick works is the following:

  1. Get a big pot of boiling water
  2. Drop some oil extracts of either peppermint or eucalyptus in the pot of water
  3. Grab a towel and cover your head over the bowl
  4. Leave your head above the bowl of water but under the towel for as long as possible

This home remedy for the voice seems quite insane but it really works and comes highly recommended by professionals and amateurs alike.

You can try all of these home vocal remedies, however I still recommend using Vocal Eze as it is a very cost effective and professional way to treat and maintain a healthy voice for singers.